Client: Lick'd Pops | Agency: Saxton Horne Communications | Creative Direction: Brian McDonough
Design & Photo Manipulation: Erik DeWaal | Copy: Kara Baxter Clark | Photography: BPD Studios

When Lick’d asked us to design their packaging, we knew they already had the recipe to make it big—we were just able to make sure their brand looked like it belonged in the big-time, too.

As a purveyor of gourmet frozen treats that started life being sold at the local Salt Lake Farmers Market, Lick’d has grown faster than one of their uniquely flavored pops disappears on a hot July day—that’s pretty fast. Lick’d asked Saxton Horne to help them make the transition from farmers market treat to the freezers of major grocery chains Harmons and Whole Foods.

Our goal was to emulate Lick’d’s recipe of fresh, bold and incredibly unique flavors in all of the packaging and design. We focused on bright, warm colors that convey energy and the simple joy of their treats. We used illustrations and photography that conveyed how unbelievably fresh and unadulterated their ingredients are. We made sure the writing was clever—even a little cheeky, without going too far. And, most importantly, we made sure it all paid homage to their homegrown, farmers market roots. 

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