Client: Saxton Horne Communications
Creative Direction: Brian McDonough | Design: Erik DeWaal | Copy: Ryan Croker

Saxton Horne does Christmas very well. Over the years, we’ve won multiple awards for the Christmas cards that we send to our clients and business partners. It’s a great showcase of our creative abilities and a way to add some light-hearted fun to the season. Only, what do you do when you need to top your own best work with something new and fresh? For our 2017 card, we needed something a little different. Our creative team brainstormed many ideas and arrived at the idea of making the holidays easier for our clients and friends by creating not just a card, but an actual mobile app that sings your carols for you. Thus, Jingle Face was born.
After auditioning and gathering talented singers from far and wide, we filmed the best, putting our cameras right in their faces for a clear, unobstructed view of their mouths. Creating a full group performance with individual singers who never met each other provided a logistical challenge, but our team was skilled enough with music that we nailed it on the first try. With the videos in place, it was time to put the app out into the world, launching simultaneously on iOS and Android phones, just in time for the holidays.
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