Client: Energizer Brands | Agency: Saxton Horne Communications 
Creative Direction: Brian McDonough | Design: Erik DeWaal | Illustration: Tim Odland, Erik DeWaal | Copy: Ryan Croker 
Our client, Energizer Brands, came to Saxton Horne asking for help designing a booth that would showcase their automotive fragrance and car products at an upcoming trade show. Nothing was set in stone, but they did want to tie everything together with the theme of “innovation.” We batted around a few ideas before settling on the idea of creating superheroes modeled around various Energizer products.

Throughout our incredibly fun brainstorming process, we created entire worlds, only to destroy them. Eventually, we nailed down our key characters, their names, and attributes. The next step was to create the art and copy that could capture the right superhero feeling while also having a clear connection to the products displayed at the trade show. Once we had that down, we spent time designing backgrounds, stand-alone images, and the booth itself. In the end, we provided our client with a distinctive, unique experience that made a big impact, standing out from the crowd at a major event.
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