Erik DeWaal


Welcome to my portfolio site.  I’m a graphic designer, art director, and commercial artist. I specialize in visual identities, package design, collaborative brainstorming, and illustration. I am happiest when working at the cross roads of type and image. I have had a lot of great opportunities in my career from working with inspiring and talented creative minds, to cutting a man’s portrait out of a piece of pimento loaf.

Why Plastic Attack? Because my given name does not have the most common spelling. I didn’t want people to misspell my website name, so I looked for an alternative. I came up with a two word combination that felt right for my style. I saw that it was available, and I ran with it. 


Adobe Creative Suite
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • After Effects 
  • Acrobat

  • Figma
  • Procreate 
  • Sketch 
  • Google Suite 

Cinema Therapy

Making sense of life, one blockbuster at a time     

Jonathon Decker is a licensed therapist and Alan Seawright is a film maker who needs therapy. So they started a YouTube channel analizing movies from their individual perspectives. Their channel now has over 1.6 million subscribers. They have had guests like Giancarlo Esposito, David Dastmalchian, and Karen Gillan. Filming requires support graphics and their audience requires merch. I am fortunate to work with them on a regular basis.



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